History Point is supported by listeners based on the Honor System…


Here’s how it works:


Every few episodes there will be a release of a Fundraiser Episode

Please consider donating $5 or any amount that you choose for any designated Fundraiser Episode

Support of the podcast is entirely based on the honor system of the listeners.

If you like the show, I simply ask that you contribute.


It’s that simple.

Help support the research and production of the podcast in order to bring more history to you!
  • Podcast and blog content available to all with no restrictions
  • No confusing subscription or membership tiers
  • Ad free podcast
  • More history podcasts and blog posts from History Point 
Paying for a Fundraiser Episode is super easy and payments are secure since we use Stripe and Paypal for payment and credit card processing.  History Point does not have any access to credit card information.